We strive for a world where everyone is valued and supported.  We respect all people for their unique abilities and focus on what people CAN do rather than what they cannot.   To continue in our mission of providing quality health care services, Innovative Life NJ aims to facilitate the development of the participants’ skills, while providing a welcoming and stimulating environment.  We provide habilitative and rehabilitative supports to empower people to learn and practice skills in the areas of employment, creative arts, and community integration based on each person’s goals, preferences, and needs.

We develop a systematic person-centered approach with the collaboration of the person, their family members, their support team, and our team of professionals. Our aim is to facilitate our program participants in their journey of attaining their individual goals.

Our objective is to advocate and promote community inclusion while providing an array of well-rounded services and opportunities.


While Innovative Life NJ welcomes all persons in need of services, our program focuses on rehabilitation services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with impacts ranging from severe to mild; some people we support have co-occurring behavioral health diagnoses; and nearly all are seeking, in coordination with their support circles, employment situations that will allow them to improve the quality of their activities during the day and allow them to make a meaningful contribution to the community.